Venus & Mars. *Eye

Model: Marlies Photographer & Scene: John Rooi Photography Assistant: Zozan Drawings (Eye(s), Ear & Mouth): Peter & Smith.

Eye: Venus The Re-birth.

Eye: Venus The Re-birth. Model: Marlies

Superficial Addictions = Loneliness.

Model: Veniece

Addiction = Loneliness.

Model: Veniece Photographer: Rodoël John Rooi Assistant: Zozan


Model: Fleur


Model: - A Mother's Love.

An Egyptian Woman (Nana By John Rooi)

An Egyptian Woman. Inspired by Josep Baró i Tapiró's 1913 Portrait of a Moroccan man & Omar Victor Diop's modern twist. Part 1 of a 6 portrait series with Nana. Model: Nana Assistant: Zozan


Our Words Will Echo In Eternity. Model: Nana

Peace Of Mind.

Preserved. Portrait 3 Of 6 Model: Nana Assistant: Zozan

Eternalizing The Physical.

Portrait 4 of 6. Model: Nana Assistant: Zozan

Preserving The Physical.

Preserving The Physical. Portrait 6 Of 6. Model: Nana Assistant: Zozan

New Religion.

Model: Sabiha


Model: Sabiha

Uniting Religions.

Model: Sabiha

Sisterly Love.

Model: Aysu & Eyleen

Sisterly Love.

Model: Iris & Merel

Kill Stereotypes.

Kill Stereotypes. Model: Duaa

Aftermath Of Lust.

Model: Anouk

Phases Of Lust.

Model: Anouk



Blurred Lines.

Blurred Lines. Model: Keri

Blurred Lines.

Model: Keri

*Pride* LIVE. (Life Has No Sequel) 1 Of 2.

LIVE Your LIFE The Way You Want To LIVE It. Model: Niesje


Before Superficial Addictions: Innocence. Model: Jazzy Photographer: Rodoël John Rooi Assistant: Zozan

First Born.

Model: Rahsul.

Baby XY.

Model: XY

The Family 3.

Model: Zozan, Rahsul & Kymani.